2018 Lamborghini Aventador

SunTek Reaction Full Car PPF + Ceramic Coating

After developing a relationship with this client and first working on some of his other vehicles, he wanted to bring in his Aventador for a front bumper replacement. Unfortunately, after doing a full inspection we came across many issues with the full body matte wrap that the previous owner had installed. Exposed edges, peeling, and uneven seams were just the tip of the iceberg. After seeing the beautiful color, he decided that it would be better to have SunTek Reaction Full Car PPF to let that color truly show off.

The Prep

The existing film was carefully removed, using a steamer to help release it. The previous installer used an adhesive promoter on every single edge, so we spent about 40 hours painstakingly removing it all. An adhesive wheel was used for any surfaces it could reach. Finally, it was hand-washed with a Microfiber Madness wash mitt, then thoroughly dried with a Master Blaster and waffle weave drying towel.

The Polishing

After the adhesive was removed, the next step was using a machine polisher to clean up left over residue as well as bring back some clarity to the paint. Since our client decided to do a full body clear wrap instead of matte, we wanted the Lamborghini paint to show off underneath.

SunTek Reaction Full Car PPF Wrap

We installed SunTek Reaction to the full car with customized computer-cut patterns. We use our software to extend any edges that can be wrapped as well as make seams tighter. All of the factory badges were removed to ensure there would be no seams on the hood or the rockers. The film has incredible clarity and includes a 12-year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

The Coating

After the SunTek Reaction full car PPF wrap was installed, we coated the film with a ceramic coating. The wheels were also removed to give access to the calipers and wheel barrels, which were prepped and coated in addition to the faces. The coating will protect the PPF as well as allow for much easier maintenance during washes. The finished product was really incredible, and the client was extremely happy.

The Result

The finished product was really incredible, and the client was extremely happy. How do you avoid getting a bad install? First and foremost is do your homework on your installer. Check reviews. Ask to see examples of their work. Start with small jobs first, so you can get an idea of their skills first-hand.

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