Honda Type R – New Car Preservation + CQFR

2018 Honda Civic Type R


New Car Preservation + CQuartz Finest Reserve + Wheels off service + CQuartz Fabric

What is new car preservation and the benefits of protecting paint? Our new car preservation process includes properly prepping and protecting a brand new vehicle before it is exposed to environmental contaminates. It is a common misconception that new cars “don’t need wax”. There is simply no factual basis to this statement. When vehicles are outside, they are subjected to UV rays, bugs, bird droppings, iron particles, and much more. If you want your vehicle’s paint to remain in good condition, it has to be protected with a wax, sealant or ceramic coating.

The Prep

We did a decontamination wash with Iron X followed by a pH neutral car shampoo to safely remove dirt. The wheels were carefully cleaned with a synthetic wool brush. After blow drying the whole car, we pulled it into the studio. We removed the wheels. Each wheel and caliper was steam cleaned to remove any existing build up. They were prepped and coated with two coats of CQuartz Finest Reserve. The coating is applied to both the wheel faces and barrels, as well as both front and rear calipers. The ceramic coating repels dirt and brake dust, which makes maintenance washes easier long term.

The Polishing

We had a colleague and good friend, Aaron, join us for the paint correction on this vehicle. We did a Single Stage Polish (New Car Prep) on the paint. This process removes light scratches and wash induced marring on the paint surface. In addition, we polished the headlights, tail lights, and fog lights to remove scratches. After polishing was completed, we removed all of the polishing oils with an alcohol based product. This step is crucial to create a tight bond between the paint and the ceramic coating.

The Protection

We applied two coats of CQuartz Finest Reserve to the exterior. In addition to extreme gloss, it provides stain resistance and hydrophobic properties that sheets off water. This ceramic coating comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty. After the coating was cured with IR lights, we topped it off with CarPro Reload.

The Interior

We treated the interior carpets and mats with CQuartz Fabric. Fabric creates a barrier that repels water and stains without compromising the look or feel of the surface.

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