BMW 335i – Full Correction

2013 BMW 335i

Full Correction + Reload Sealant

Ceramic coatings and paint protection film are not made for everyone. Our next client just wanted to clean up the paint on his black 2013 BMW 335i with a Full Correction and a sealant that would last longer than traditional wax.

The Prep

We did a decontamination wash using CarPro Iron X to remove iron particles. Then we foamed the vehicle down and washed it with a microfiber mitt by hand.

The Polishing

Proper lighting is a very important part of correcting paint. We use high output, focused lights that highlight any imperfections on the surface. This process replicates what people often see when the sun hits their paint, without all of the ambient lighting surrounding it. The first stage of a full correction is the compound. To remove moderate scratches and wash induced marring and swirls, we use a medium cut compound. After the first stage is complete, the second stage is a final polish. We use a fine grade polish to refine any hazing or light imperfections. This stage also creates a high gloss and more depth in the clear coat’s finish.

The Sealant

When we were finished with the Full Correction, it was ready for a sealant. Sealants are used to protect the surface of the paint from environmental contaminates, bugs, bird bombs, etc. For this vehicle we used a sealant by CarPro called Reload. In Florida, we recommend reapplying this sealant every 4-6 months. The longevity of the sealant will vary based upon how often the vehicle is driven as well as where it is stored.

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