Corvette C5 – Paint Correction

1999 Chevrolet Corvette C5

Full Paint Correction + Wheels off Service

An avid Corvette collector and well-traveled couple found their way from North Dakota to our studio in Longwood, Florida. After picking up their latest project car, they wanted the paint’s finish to be restored to it’s former glory. Nearly a decade of improper hand washes and road rash behind, we had our work cut out for us on this one.

The Prep

We started by decontaminating the wheels and paint with CarPro IronX, followed by hand washing the paint after foaming it down with snow soap. Removing built-up iron particles and surface contaminates allows for a clean surface during the paint correction phase.

The Polishing

The first step of paint correction was using a medium cut compound to remove deeper scratches and marring from improper wash procedures. The second stage is a final polish, during which we use a fine grade polish. We do not use products that contain “fillers”. We refine any hazing or light imperfections (instead of filling them with product which gives the illusion that they are gone). This stage also creates a high gloss and more depth in the clear coat’s finish.

The Wheels

We removed the wheels to deep clean the wheel barrels. Before reinstalling the wheels we also deep cleaned the calipers and wheel wells.

The Sealant

We sealed the paint with CarPro Reload. It offers a slick, hydrophobic coat, which repels water like no other. It is designed to protect from dirt, bugs, bird bombs, etc. The longevity of the sealant will vary based upon how often the vehicle is driven as well as where it is stored. In Florida, we recommend reapplying this sealant every 4-6 months.

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