C8 Corvette PPF Track Package

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8

CQuartz Finest Reserve + SunTek Ultra PPF Track Package

Our client contacted us immediately after purchasing his C8 Corvette to arrange an appointment to get his brand new vehicle protected. He decided a Full Correction with Cquartz Finest Reserve and a SunTek PPF Track Package.

The Prep

We washed the C8 by hand using an ultra plush wash mitt and decontaminated using Iron X by CarPro, including the wheels. After the wash was complete, we pulled it into the studio. We removed the wheels and stripped of all oils in preparation for the ceramic coating. After removing the calipers, we cleaned, polished and prepped them for the coating. In addition, we carefully removed the Corvette emblem and applied adhesive tape for reinstallation after the paint protection film was installed.

The Polishing

We performed a full correction on all of the painted surfaces. During the first stage, we use a compound to cut the clear coat. The second stage is a final polish with a fine grade product, which refines the paint and creates more depth and gloss in the clear coat’s finish. We used an alcohol based product, which removes all of the polishing oils from the paint. This final step is important to create a tight bond between the paint and the ceramic coating.

The PPF Track Package

This client wanted protection on the full front end of his vehicle in addition to areas that have high impact on a race track. He decided on a SunTek Ultra Clear PPF Track Package. We installed paint protection film on the Full Hood, Front Bumper, Full Fenders, Mirrors, A-Pillars, Partial Roof, Rockers and Door Trim. SunTek Ultra film includes a 10-year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

The Extras

Our client provided us with some vinyl business logos, which we installed after finishing the paint protection film installation. We also reinstalled the Corvette emblem to the front bumper. To clarify, ceramic coatings create a very slick surface, as a result, these type of products will not stick to the paint if you wait until after the coating is applied.

The Coating

We coated the wheels and calipers with C.Quartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating. The coating will protect the wheels and calipers with durability against brake dust and other environmental particles. The entire car was coated with two coats of CQuartz Finest Reserve, which created a super glossy, durable finish over the clear coat.

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