BMW M3 CS – Full Front End PPF Wrap + CQFR

2018 BMW M3 CS

Full Front End PPF Wrap + CQFR

This beautiful car was delivered directly by transport from overseas, skipping the dealership altogether. Having a vehicle delivered with factory plastics still in tact greatly reduces the amount of paint correction that will be required. This client’s brand new 2018 BMW M3 Competition Series was absolutely stunning. He opted for full front end PPF Wrap + CQFR (Cquartz Finest Reserve) ceramic coating.

The Prep

After we removed the factory plastics and inspected the paint for defects, we carefully washed using a pH neutral soap. We also used Iron X to decontaminate and remove all iron particles from the surface. The wheel face and barrels were decontaminated and washed with a wheel brush.

The Correction

Even vehicles that skip the car dealership and avoid a trip through a tunnel wash still have defects. During the painting process at the factory, dirt or sand will sometimes land on the wet paint. The factory will then attempt to sand down the dirt nib using sand paper. Although this denibbing technique typically reduces the size of the nib, the paint isn’t finished down properly, which leaves sanding marks or scratches in the clear coat. When you also consider the vehicle has been transported over 5,000 miles from overseas, it can acquire a fair amount of scratches that have to be removed as well.

The Full Front End PPF Wrap

This client decided he wanted a full front end SunTek paint protection film wrap. We used a combination of bulk (custom cut) film and pre-cut kits. The hood was a bulk piece of paint protection film for maximum coverage. Every edge was carefully tucked under the hood and we also removed the hood vent for a completely seamless installation. The front bumper, full fenders, mirrors and headlights were all pre-cut patterns. We extended the edges on each of the patterns for better coverage and so that the edges can be wrapped as well. The PPF comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Coating

We finished off the exterior by applying two coats of Cquartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating. The coating will help make maintenance washes easier and tremendously enhances the gloss. The color of the San Marino Blue looked incredible after the coating was IR cured.

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