Audi S6 – CQFR Ceramic Coating

2018 Audi S6

CQFR Ceramic Coating + Full Paint Correction + Wheels off service

Next up is a 2018 Audi S6. This client has used our services on his previous vehicles. He knew right away when he bought a new Audi that his first priority would be to bring it in for a full CQuartz Finest Reserve package.

The Prep

We did a decontamination using CarPro Iron X. IronX turns sintered iron into a water soluble complex that can be rinsed away. This process isn’t abrasive like clay bars, which leaves less marring in the paint. We followed the decontamination with a hand wash and blow dry.

The Wheels

Before we started the paint correction, we removed the wheels. They were prepped with an alcohol based product to strip any oils and residue on the surface. Then they were coated with two coats of CQFR ceramic coating. The calipers were steam cleaned, polished, prepped and coated as well.

The Polishing

A full correction requires multiple steps. We used a medium cut compound to remove moderate scratches and wash induced marring and swirls. Then we did a final polish to refine the paint and create more depth and gloss in the clear coat’s finish.

The Coating

When we were done with the paint correction, we removed all of the polishing oils from the paint in preparation for the ceramic coating. The entire car was coated with two coats of CQFR ceramic coating. To speed up the curing time and ensure long term durability, we heat cured the paint with IR lamps to 140 degrees.

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